I dont know Why


Here I am... yeah.. its been a longggg time i didnt write.. this time i just want to warm up my blog. i just want to write anything that pop up inside my mind.. what a boring weekend!!! Pfff...

To those who know me outside, trust me u didnt know me...hahahaha..(im just kidding!).  i dont want to freak u guys out but i just be who i am.. the only thing that i can be myself is in here.. i can do and think anything i want without thinking about what others might think of me. i dont care...

Again... inside a 'box' ( i call my room a box because it really do look like a box. a BIG box)

i am wondering and wandering with a slow and small pace...i dont know what to do. still i have 'homeworks' but i dont want to do it... why?????? i dont really know.. i hate the fact that ive become so lazy... i dont want to be like this anymore.. yeah... i need to do something.

when i grab my microbiology book and try to read it, ive become bored for a time being.. im looking at the pictures and start to extract the important facts about some topics.. its killing me as the topics themselves are so many subtopics and a lot of things to be memorise...!! okay fine.. Stop whinning!! it is a job of student to learn right???? Okay.. i admit it...whatever..

when i feel hungry, i eat Ramen..do you guys know what is Ramen?? okay.. it is not that really Ramen but it is just an ordinary Ruski mee.. hehehe... im sorry.. i love to call it Ramen (Korean mee) as it makes me feel hungry.

till then...

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    Shhh..I HATE U!!

    Shhh..I HATE U!!



    Puisi, teka-teki, random

    Puisi, teka-teki, random


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